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By Zoe Hughes

I am currently starting to invest in pre-foreclosures, and I have been going back to this book over and over. It is a great resource, and is truly worth every penny. This booked helped me a lot to buy a foreclosure property. Also, the realtor I worked with was surprised how much I know about buying a property. But if you're not American, beware! With transportation, that's over $40 wasted.

Mr Lucier's book is the most thorough and accurate book I have read. As a part time investor, the information he has shared is right on the money and helpful in understanding the seller and lender stupid decisions.

This book can be a great start, but it probably won't see you through the deals.

I sent him an email asking for his advice and he got back to me within a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon. This is an extremely informative book focusing on buying property "pre-foreclosure". One of the best books I've read in years. His approaches are well worth the investment in time and effort. The book gives you instructions on how to go to his website so you can download the appropriate marketing letters you should send out to people in distress. Believe that this kind of hard approach could have negative consequences if you are trying to do business with someone in distress.

I've been employed as an agent for over 4 months and quickly began thinking what does the broker do for 3% of a commission and then, why only take 3% of a deal if you can form your own investment company and keep all of the profit. My mother and I formed our own real estate investment company, LLC. I've always wanted to do pre-foreclosures, I read so many other books, but it wasn't as friendly as Tom's book. I bought Tom's book, and immediately I got to work, it directed me to the foreclosure listings, I pulled it, and the next day, I began sending out the letters as he suggested. These are both books you should have in your Real Estate Investing Library! The Pre-Foreclosure Property Investor's Kit should be a reference handbook for serious investors! Thomas Lucier walks a beginner through every conceivable step of purchasing and reselling a Pre-Foreclosure property, providing every last detail. This book is a wealth of information, strait to the point citing many internet sources, real life examples, sample letters, check lists, and even what to say while negotiating the terms of the purchase. Thomas J Lucier managed to put together an amazing and resourceful book. I bought it, read it and loved it and now want to read it again.

I recommend it to every beginner investor. Mr Lucier's book is extremely professional and to the point. There is an unimaginable amount of professional resources that comes with the book.

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