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By Dora Kate

When shopping for art supplies, artists can be overwhelmed by the prices attached to certain items that they need. Paint brushes, canvasses and other items can be very expensive to purchase and can prevent the artist from being able to complete a certain work in the way that he wants to complete it.

There are ways to compare discount art supplies today so that the artists can find exactly what they need at the price that works within their budget. Finding discount art supplies can be done through the use of coupons, sales in retail stores, going to wholesale art suppliers, and shopping in online art supply stores.

One tip for finding discount art supplies is to do the shopping for them on a regular basis rather than waiting until the artist is out of many different things. By shopping in art stores regularly, looking for sales on items that they use in their work, they can pick up these items at a low price and have them on hand for when they run out. They can also utilize the coupons that come out in the Sunday paper which offer forty to fifty percent off of the regular price of one item. In this way, the artist can stock up on the larger and more expensive items that he uses regularly in his work so that he is never short of any supply.

Another tip for finding discount art supplies is to shop in the retail stores first to look at prices, brands and quality of supplies. Once found and recorded, then the artists should shop online in some of the discount stores. They should always look for online stores that offer secure checkout, money back guarantees, and other security features to make sure that they will really get their money's worth from that venue. Once assured of security, then they can compare the brands and prices of items that they found in retail stores with the ones they find online.

There is ribbon and string that is ideal for scrapbooking. There are also boxes and bags that can help for storing or shipping different art pieces that are done by the artists.One caution to buying online is to make sure that the shipping costs are not going to negate the sales price that the artists find online. Sometimes finding discount art supplies online seem like good deals but the shipping cost is so high that they are not getting a deal at all.

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