The Sales Purpose Of Corporate Branded Products If They Are Cheap Promotional Gifts

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By Elliott Wolchek James

One could say the definition of corporate gifts is articles of merchandise that are branded with a logo and used in marketing and communication programs. Brightside Bits is a London based corporate gift company growing rapidly in the UK looking to give a purpose for cheaper corporate branded products.

However, what we believe is more important is not to know the exact definition but more so the purpose. and printers in London, has a wide range of cheap promotional items and corporate products to aid the development of company brand and corporate image. These items are blessed with the company name, logo or slogan, in order to be given away at trade shows, conferences, and so on.

Most promotional items are relatively small and inexpensive but can range to higher end products for use at celebrity events such as film festivals and award shows where they are often given expensive promotional items ranging from leather goods to, electronic gifts etc. However, cheap products do have a place in the market at tradeshows within all industries as customers like a corporate freebie.

In the past before the year 1950, this was method of promotion not very common and the promotional merchandise industry was not even recognised. By featuring the company logo on a branded item benefits soon become vastly recognised and this began to occur in the 1970s. The obvious area of a business utilising this opportunity continues to be marketing. Marketing began to evolve focusing on using custom printed merchandise in order to develop brand identity.

Brightside have the majority of promotional products available online and with the promotional merchandise catalogue. However, behind every product there are many variants, at least five variants can be sourced. Customers typically receive catalogues via direct mailing but as the industry involves blind mailings these typically are often being replaced by targeted mailings due the huge impact of technology on the industry.

In this growing techno savvy world great demand has been placed for new and innovative electronic products to act as giveaways. The variety of computer mouse, mouse mats, USB stick drives and desktop gifts is endless. The majority of them also have a recycled option and are the latest trend in choice of gifts among the majority of companies.

Some may question the value of these branded products. But have a look around the environment you are working in. You will be surprised what you can see. Almost every desk item has an opportunity to stamp a logo on it. What are you writing with and where did you get it, what design is your mouse and was it raining when you came to work, perhaps you used the company umbrella. Thirsty, then perhaps you will see a company logo on your mug. From looking at these items you are reminded of a company brand.

Brand corporate gifts year on year with the aid of technology get more and more whacky. It is a fact that uk cheap promotional gifts are here to stay. It is apparent that a company marketing strategy now incorporates promotional product branding. This continues to be an area where the customer and future possible clients almost expect something which is either useful or provided as a freebee.

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