They Do It Again - San Diego Real Estate Book Critique

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By Noah Gray

That's why I bought four books. At least one book should fill in where another book was weak. I've read over 10 other books on real estate, but only now feel that I have the proper knowledge and direction to get started. This book is so over-the-top with practical advice, it's a give-away at any price!

I emailed the author (Thomas) with a question and I got a reply within 5 minutes. This is a great book on the subject of investing in pre-foreclosures.

He includes examples of actual events that happened to him (or investors he knows) at exactly the right times. It is VERY easy to read and VERY easy to understand, but that does not mean there is no detail.

Thanks again Tom for a well-constructed publication! This book is absolutely great for any investor, but it is perfect for anyone interested specifically in foreclosures.

Otherwise, reading this book may be too easy or too hard to you, both because you do not understand the fundamentals. The information included in this book has made my job much easier and has expanded my knowledge base and expertise. There's just too much competition for properties once they reach foreclosure. The author suggests that you get to the properties before they reach foreclosure by doing your homework and locating the properties early. The book covers almost all the aspect of foreclosure investing. One particular topic that intrigues me is "Subject To" mode of investing.

The email turnaround time is impressive! Overall it's a very interesting and informative read.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Mr Lucier's book on buying Pre-Foreclosure Properties. He explained the process very clearly and was easy to follow. Start there and probably won't need to buy anything else. Great resource and needed in any one's library that is planning on investing in real estate.

This author seems to want you to live in a vacuum - EVERYBODY needs motivation and on-going knowledge from different experts every now and then and sometimes it's worth the price of a boot camp otherwise you will be paying for a boot camp in the real world with $$ mistakes. Andrew Marin says: I have bought 28 homes on a PRE prior to reading this book and what got me through it were the teachings of a few great courses. It also covers all the pitfalls and dangers in not doing your homework before buying. It's like a reference guide, whenever I need to look up a problem I just look in the index and I can find it right-a-way! No pie in the sky promises like from late night TV gurus.

I already ordered another one of his books. Having 20 years of experience in the diamond/jewelry business, I've learned to spot the imposters and money hungry pitch-men.

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