How To Keep The Skin Glowing With Tanning Solution

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By Veronica Cappelletti

Tan sunless allows for users to protect the epidermis for the sun's rays and still get a glowing tan. Tanning is a popular pastime for women and men. It gives the dermis a youthful and glowing appearance. This method also requires maintenance on the part of the user. If not, this lead to having to apply the solution more frequently.

The skin can get dry and may need a moisturizer. A hydrating cream or gel should be applied after taking a shower. There is more than one way to keep moisture in the skin. Drinking a minimum of eight glasses of water a day keeps the skin and body hydrated. Not keeping the body hydrated leads to the skin cells, tan, and skin drying out.

It is important to protect the skin when doing normal every day activities. The skin is still exposed to the sun's rays when wearing shorts and short sleeves. It helps to wear sunscreen on a daily basis.

There are precautions to take after a tanning application. You want to wear loose fitting and dark clothing. Some fabrics like nylon, silk, or wool should be avoided because of the possibility of it sticking to the skin.

It is natural to want to shower after being sprayed with the tanning solution. You have to wait six hours before bathing because of not wanting to ruin the tan. While you are waiting, avoid participating in activities that cause the body to get wet or seat. Exercising or swimming is not option because the body can get wet. Skin care routine is a big concern because it could include exfoliating. It is not a good idea to exfoliate after an application because it causes fading of the tan. You have to wait an additional three days before exfoliating.

The sunless application should be reapplied it starts to lighten or fade. It is maintained through applications. The skin loses cells every day, which is the reason for the tan sunless fading.

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