How Bloggers Can Inspire Readers to Leave More Comments

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By Alyson Herman

If you want a blog that you can call a real success story, you need a great deal of reader participation, which means lots of comments. Getting people to comment on your blog isn't as simple as it sounds, but at the same time it's not rocket science. As long as you're able to give value to your readers and get them to engage on your blog, you will have no problem finding people to make valid comments. The focus of this article will be on practical ways to get more readers to leave comments on your blog.

Commenting Should be Easy: If you want to attract more comments to your blog, you have to make it simple for people to leave comments. Some blogs are set up in such a manner as to make it difficult to find the comments section, which is going to cut down quite a bit on the number of people who comment. What could be more worse than an inappropriate comments section on a blog? Making your comments section simple to find is the first requirement when it comes to attracting comments. You may even want to make the comments area especially noticeable to ensure that it occurs to readers to leave a comment. People generally leave comments on impulse, and will only do so if it's very easy and straightforward. Just like your RSS button, your blog's comment section also needs to be clearly visible.


The "No Follow" Tag Discourages Comments: By deactivating the "no follow" tag, you're likely to get more comments to your blog almost instantly. Deactivating the "no follow" ref will attract many more comments to your blog. There are WP plugins that can make this simple, such as "NoFollow Case by Case." When you use this plugin, this allows people who comment to get link juice from their links by removing the default "no follow" ref.

Answer Comments: A simple way to involve your readers in your blog is to answer their comments when they ask questions or make an interesting point. It is a great way to increase the number of comments on your blog and a great way to start a discussion. You need to have a clear understanding of which comments you want to answer in order to get the best possible results. You should only answer the comments you think are worthy of a response because you can't possibly provide an answer to all of them.

Ensure that you give time to your blog to let it grow; take regular action to get more subscribers to your blog and grow your network, the only thing that you need to increase your comments.

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