The Best Way to Fresh paint the Wood shutters yourself

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By Tom Lee

When you are decorating your home the interior designer give focus to each and everything. So when it comes to window or door shutters most of the designer prefers to have wood shutters, because there are many benefits of these shutters. They give a very classic look to your home. But if you use these shutters then you have to know that after every 5-6 years you have to paint them again so that they can look as good and stylish as on the first day.

The wood shutters you select for your window or door should match the overall design and color scheme. As these shutters are exposed to different weathers and conditions so whatever you do you have to paint these wood shutters after every 5-6 years so that you got the first day look back.

The first thing you have to do for painting these shutters is to remove them from their place. This is not an easy thing to do, so you have to take help from your partner or any friend. Especially if you wanted to remove the shutters of second floor then it will be a more difficult task. The two important things that you need in this case are the screw driver and a ladder. Use the ladder to reach the shutter.

Then when you take away the shutter then you've to get rid of the flaking fresh paint, with the aid of warm water, metal fresh paint scraper or use cleaning soap onto it. But when the fresh paint isn't coming off easily you'll be able to make use of the sandpaper because of its removal. Once the fresh paint was removed after that you can make use of an outside primer to coat the wood. Then wait for this to become dry so when it dries you'll be able to fresh paint the wood shutters using the fresh paint of your liking. Then you definitely must left it to dry after which find whether it requires another coat or even the previous the first is enough.

When you're satisfied through the fresh paint and also the wood shutters become dry again you'll be able to fix them again towards the place where you take them off earlier.

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