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By Chris Chamberlain

The city of Concord is the capital of the state of New Hampshire. It encompasses a populace of 42,695 people possesses a total area of 67.5 square miles. Concord is located entirely in the Merrimack River watershed, and it is centered upon the river, that runs from northwest to southeast through the city. The downtown area is located on a minimal terrace to the west of the river, having residential neighborhoods rising hills on the west as well as stretching southwards towards the town of Bow. Concord's town center area is extremely historic and serves a venue of dining establishments together with shops on Main Street. On the north end of Main Street is the Pierce Mansion, the place where President Franklin Pierce resided before and soon after his presidency.

Interstate 89 and Highway 93 are the 2 principal Interstate highways covering Concord, and join just south of the city limits. Interstate 89 ties Concord together with Lebanon as well as the state of Vermont to the north and west, while Interstate ninety three links the city to points north the White Mountains and to the south Manchester and Boston. Concord features a four-season weather conditions having cold snowy winter seasons and warm summer months, spring and fall are crisp and short changes.

Concord is ruled through the mayor-council process. The city council includes fourteen members, 10 of which are selected from single-member wards, whilst the other 4 are elected at large. The mayor is elected directly every 2 yrs.

Concord possesses 7 public elementary schools, one public middle school, and one public high school. Concord has 2 Catholic schools, Bishop Brady High School and St John Regional School. Additional private schools include Concord Christian Academy, parker Academy, Trinity Christian School, Shaker Road School, and St. Paul's School. Concord is also home to the University of New Hampshire School of Law, New Hampshire Technical Institute, as well as a branch of Hesser College, Concord campus.

Concord features one daily newspaper, The Concord Monitor, and 2 weekly newspapers, The Concord Insider and The Hippo. New Hampshire Public Radio is based in Concord there are many other radio stations handled in Concord.

Concord contains quite a few historical places together with points of interests. They include the Capital Center for the Arts, The New Hampshire Historical Society, the McAuliffe-Shepard discovery Center and a planetarium named after Christa McAuliffe, the Concord teacher who died during the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster in 1986. Concord is the home of the Granite State Symphony Orchestra. Beaver Meadow Golf Course, located in the northern part of Concord, is the oldest golf course in the state of New Hampshire

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