3 Groups of Skill Sets You Need to Emphasize During A Job Interview

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By Theresa Delgado

In a job interview you want to distinguish yourself from other applicants.

One of the best methods to do this is by emphasizing the abilities you are proficient in.

Companies are trying to find candidates who exhibit skills that would benefit the comany and the better you match and communicate these skills the better your chances at getting the job offer.

Top firms seek out job applicants who stand out for their knowledge, capacity to give new developments, and pleasing attitudes that would raise the firm.

These skills, which top corporations generally look for, include:

- leadership
- communication
- confidence
- flexibility
- problem solving
- passion

Skills are grouped into 3 categories of knowledge-based, transferable, and personal characteristics.

1) Knowledge-based abilities are those learned from experiences.

These may include educational achievement, additional training, seminars attended, and other practices that you have studied to boost your knowledge.

Knowledge-based skills include computer and communication talents, selling or managerial knowledge, product development, and a lot more. These skills vary depending on the area of industry of each job job applicant.

2) Transferable or portable talents are those you bring to a particular job.

This is why interviewers ask, "What could you offer the company?"

Transferable skills are crucial because corporations try to search for quality staff that would improve the development of the workforce.

Portable talents include problem solving, team leader potential, organization, writing and communication talents, client service oriented, time and project management, and good with numbers and budget. These types of abilities vary depending on the experience and versatility of each job candidate.

3) Personal characteristics identify who you are.

In a work interview, one of the commonest things an employer says is "Tell me something about yourself." Your response is important as it would set the tone for the remainder of the interview.

Personal characteristics include good judgment, well organized, rational, goal oriented, flexible, creative and others along these lines. Try to sell yourself in as best as practical within a limited time.

The interview process is a chance to discuss your unique skills and how you can help the company meet its goals.

Accenting all your strengths and abilities on job interviews would increase your chances of landing the particular job.

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