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By Deshawn Louge

I am in no way affiliated with the Vemma home business, but after looking at their company presentation I was certainly impressed with their vision and the quality of their products.

Vemma? Who are they?

Vemma stands for Vitamins, essential, minerals, mangosteen, and aloe. The liquid supplementation drinks are all centred around a fruit called 'Mangostten', it's found in eastern Asia. Mangosteen has been recognized for many years as having powerful antioxidant properties which help to fight against free radicals which are in our bodies. It promotes health and vitality and contains many minerals.

Vemma NEXT is a product that they developed for children aged 2-12 years, it's good to see a company taking the younger generation into account. Often these health & nutrition companies fail to cater for adults & children separately. As we all know the dietary requirements of our kids is very different to ours. It's great to see that Vemma are also thinking of those less fortunate children in our society. For every bottle of Vemma NEXT that is purchased they will donate 1 bottle to needy children in the country where the purchase is made.

The product designed for us adults is called 'Verve' which is a cool name for a drink I think. It's packed full of vitamins and anti oxidants, plus is known for its energy boosting qualities. Packaged in a bottle or a shot bottle, you can take Vemma with you wherever you go.

If you've got a few minutes spare it's well worth watching Vemma's video on their official website which will show you how the product is made, they put a lot of care into the preparation and quality of their products.

Now being used in over fifty different countries Vemma has gained much popularity. Miss Fitness magazine voted Vemma as product of the year in 2009. The product packaging is very snazzy and the name Vemma 'verve' has a cool sound to it. This has helped to make them so popular.

How did Vemma begin?

Vemma was the vision of BK Boreyko a seasoned marketing and award-winning entrepreneur who first created his mark in the health & wellness industry in 1995 by founding his first company New Vision. With sales of over one billion dollars, New Vision was known for its massive success.

Seeing the potential that the nutrition supplementation industry offered, he along with team set about in 2004 to bring Vemma to the market.

What is the comp plan like?

They use the binary pay plan. A binary arrangement can often lead to confusion, especially for people that are new to the indusrty. This system works in 2's. You have a sales team on your left and right and you can only have 2 people maximum on your frontline. All new members are put underneath existing distributors.

Binarys pay very well if you do it right, but just make sure you fully research it before joining up so you know what to expect, and how to make the most of it.

Do Vemma give any training?

There is not a lot of training offered by Vemma. Most Vemma distributors I see using the more traditional methods of building their business, talking to friends & family, prospecting their 'warm market' & holding meetings.

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