How Classified Ads Increase Backlinks And Sales

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By Patricia Hedge

Classified advertising will never go out of style.

There is a valid reason why these promotions will always remain a staple in the classic traditional newspaper as well as the modern medium of the internet. This form of advertising works!

When you post free online ads when you have something for sale and someone is looking for what you have to offer, ads act as the perfect vehicle in which all the parties can come together.

In summary the buyer can connect with the seller via ads.

Tha tdefinitely would be a very positive thing on a number of levels.

Essentially when you place free classified ads your ad is a form of a modern herald that lets people know that you have something for sale. Placed in a proper venue, the eyes of interested parties will come across the ads. Due to this, inquiries or outright purchases will be made possible based on the discovery of the promotion. Or at least that is the main idea....

By posting free ads you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

One thing that needs to be pointed out is that while free ad resources have their value, they can also be known for generating a lot of less than serious inquiries.

Why does this happen?

It's because anyone and everyone and their dog can come across the ads since there are posted for all to see.

This means even those that might have a less than serious interest in the product/service being offered may put forth an inquiry.

This is why it is sometimes best to make the investment in placing an ad on an online service that requires a subscription.

Since the ads would be in a private area of an online community, fewer eyes would see the ad.

However those who do see it likely will end up being more serious which means the potential is increased to sell what you have to offer.

In conclusion your ad's success will depend on those that are seeing it.

For this very reason your choice of the venue in which an ad is placed needs to be a viable one in order to improve success potential.

I do both free and paid ads for my promotions however classified submissions can be a time consuming thing to embark in.

Thats why I use an automated system which within minutes blasts my ad for free to hundreds / thousands of free classified websites.

I carefully select my paid classified websites and submit to them manually.

This gives you the Best Of both and also gets more back links to your website as well!

Why not work with an advertising method that works?

Consider that the strongest endorsement for classified ads.

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