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By Sandra Doyle

Setting Up An Easy Article Marketing Campaign

One of the quickest ways to gain exposure, drive traffic, get leads and make more sales is to set up and execute an easy article marketing marketing campaign.

While an apple a day may keep the doctor away, an article a day could be precisely what you've been trying to find to take your business to a higher level.

Let's a take quick look at a few of the issues you might want to consider before getting too deep into the process so you can put the chances of succes in your favor.

Simple Article Marketing Explained by going here

The neat thing about setting up an easy article marketing campaign is once the first planning and set up stages are done you will find scaling the model to provide even better results is both fast and easy. Create a system and you can even outsource the entire process.

2 things you are going to want to keep under consideration from the very beginning. First is the technique you may use to distribute your content. Second is the standard of your content.

Both these issues are important to produce the results you're looking to achieve . If your content is debatable, you will get marginal results. If you take quick fixes in distribution, you'll short-change the results which you get. Both processes go side by side. Create off-the-charts content and make certain to get it in front of as many people as practical and you will have found yourself a winning combination.

Straightforward Article Marketing Set Up

The majority of the articles you will find in the article directories are the same format. Knowing this you can set up a straightforward article marketing template to follow when writing and preparing your content.

Each catalog will ask for a title, a short 25-50 word summary, the body copy, author resource box, 3-5 keywords or tags and a both the key and secondary subject classes your article fits in. You will be able to add 2-3 links within the body copy or author resource area or a combination of the 2.

Content for the Easy Article Marketing Campaign

Maybe the most powerful way to ensure readership of your content is to only write content that you know is being actively searched for. This can be done by understanding who your best target market is - the person or folks most inclined to have an interest in your product, service, opportunity or info.

Once armed with this information, use a free keyword research tool like the Google External Keyword tool to discover exactly what phrases and words your market uses when conducting a search on the internet. You can use a paid tool like Market Samurai to dig even deeper to find the best keywords and key-phrases utilised by the competition . Write your content to talk directly to search query you have uncovered using these tools. You can see a review of automatic backlink creator by clicking here

Simple Article Marketing Distribution

There are roughly 12 serious traffic article directories you can by hand submit your articles to for inclusion. Expect this process to take over 5 minutes or more per index. The time you spend by hand submitting your content to these heavy traffic sites can pay large dividends.

An alternative way to take your easy article marketing distribution attempts to a higher level is to use a mixture of manual submissions with automated mass submissions. Use automated tools like Article Marketing Robot and Unique Article Marketing Wizard to syndicate your content to hundreds, even thousands of article directories within a couple of minutes. The results will simply astound you.

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