The Key Components Of Suntan Lotion

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By Haywood Hunter

Sunblock or indoor tanning creams may be classified as suntan lotion. However, these products are designed for different purposes. Sunblock, or sunscreen, is made as a skin protectant against UV radiation. Tanning creams do the opposite, by aiding in tanning methods.

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L-Tyrosine and melanin are ingredients commonly found in these tanning creams. Other common ingredients: various oils, copper and tea extracts. Some products add other ingredients that can bronze or moisturize skin. These products are made for indoor use only. They should not be used while outside because they do not include ingredients for sun protection.

Though lotions are not made for outdoor use, they can be used with tanning booths or beds that give off similar ultraviolet radiation as the sun. The products increase the amount of melanin in skin by increasing blood flow or improving melanin production.

The product that can be used outside is known as sunscreen. This formula, which is used to absorb or reflect ultraviolet rays from the sun, can come in many forms, including gel, cream and spray. Sunscreen can also prevent sunburn from prolonged sun exposure.

There are organic particulates, chemical compounds or inorganic particulates in every type of sunscreen product. Sunblock may be classified as physical or chemical, depending on its function. Formulas considered chemical are designed to absorb sun rays. Formulas known as physical are made to reflect sunlight. Sunblocks are recommended for use by everyone, regardless of skin type, this is because it is known to prevent skin cancer or sunburn.

Suntan lotion may describe two different types of products: indoor tanning creams and sunscreen. The products, though different in their purpose, are topical substances applied to skin. Sunscreen is made to block skin from powerful radiation. Tanning cream is can help with tanning processes and may include moisturizing and bronzing features.

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