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By John Roney

Your battery is one of the most important parts of your car. Even if you have a great, efficient vehicle, or one that offers top performance, it's not going anywhere without a working battery. Unfortunately, leaving the lights on, or simply having too many electronic devices hooked up to a car that hasn't moved for a while could result in a dead battery. You may not discover it right away, either. One day, you put the key in the ignition, and all you get is a ticking or dragging noise, or only the lights will come on. You might have a dead battery.

The internal combustion engine (ICE) is dirty and inefficient. "Even when aided with turbochargers and stock efficiency aids, most engines retain an average efficiency of about 18%-20%" so says Wikipedia. And, in spite of considerable improvements, the Internal Combustion Engine is still a major emitter of CO2 and other 'volatile organic compounds'. Unless your car is electrically powered it will have an internal combustion engine, either petrol or diesel powered.

In any car, the battery should be checked regularly to make sure it's working well. Cables need to be correctly connected and battery posts should be clean. If you're unable to jump start your car, you'll need to have it towed to a service station, so try everything else first. Don't just assume your battery is dead and you need a new one. There are battery chargers and similar car accessories that plug into an outlet. These can be used to fix your dead battery, or you could try jumper cables. Just make sure you follow a few basic safety precautions before doing anything with the battery.

If you're going to be working under the hood, you'll need to make sure it's secure to prevent it from falling unexpectedly. A falling hood probably won't injure you, but it can hurt! Remember to check your manual to find out the correct way to deal with your battery, especially if you'll be installing a new one. Your car manual can tell you more about what to do with your specific make and model than any general article or piece of advice from a friend. The newer and more advanced your car is, the more likely it is to have some kind of special instructions for dealing with a dead car battery. The price of car parts, such as a new battery, will also depend on the type of car you have. Some batteries are much more expensive than others.

And what about the cost? Yes you've guessed it they're not going to be cheap. AGM batteries are going to cost more because their manufacture is more involved and they last longer. And unlike today's traditional battery you will need Buy Car Batteries. Your car will have a battery management system that will recognise if an incorrect battery has been fitted! They will just shut down the car!

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