Solving The Dilemma of Developing A Sticky Blog

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By Geof McCoy

When your blog becomes sticky, that means your visitors are spending a long time on your site due to the positive experience. In addition to sticky visitors there is also the need to compel them to keep going back for more. Another marketing task is presenting a blog that people will want to subscribe to such as the RSS feed. The right start is how you end up making your blog sticky, but it's not the only thing, obviously. There are many other ways to ensure that you're retaining your blog's readership. So let's quickly move on to discuss creating a sticky blog that is able to make the good things happen.

If you want more people to subscribe to your blog then give them a reason to; although asking them is a good thing, you can go beyond that. People like to get something in return, so that is where incentive marketing comes into play. When you do that you will notice that there will be a conversion rate, and then you can work to optimize it. But then you have to remember that the basis for preserving all this is the quality of your content. Give them something that is an honest and genuine solution to some problem, and it could be something that has the ability to stand on its own as a paid-for product.

Make your blog personal; build yourself on the blog because even though not everybody can pull this off, if you can do it, you'll have an edge over the competition. There is nothing wrong with making yous self known to your audience, and in fact it is almost always a good idea to do it. Many people feel a lot better when they have some idea of who is behind a site or blog, and that is why it is usually a good idea to work at this. So as you work to reduce the mistrust, then you will be building rapport which contributes to the sticky factor.

There are different strategies that follow the idea of creating a series of related posts about a topic, and this is to encourage people to want to return. Creating a little curiosity and anticipation with your posts like this can be very powerful. This obviously leads to repeat visits by the reader; so yes, creating a moment definitely helps. Keep people thinking and unable to predict what kind of content or format you will use next.

You will find all kinds of different strategies among bloggers, but the important thing is for you to know what works best. It is really a good idea to sit down and make a marketing and business plan for your self. A lot of bloggers fail because they are hasty in their approach, which is definitely not good. Perhaps the most productive activity for you is to be less concerned about making money and more concerned about showing your visitors the best experience you can create. All people want to get something that will help them in some way, and you should play to that desire.

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