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By Jeff Wisuri

One of the vital components to landing your weblog posts on the 1st page of Google is Article Marketing Robot. This tool makes it possible for you to construct Massive back links to your web page and rank high inside the big SEO's. I wrote a post on Article Marketing Robot's sister tool termed "Best Spinner Review-Back link Creating Monster" that you will need to read as these tools compliment one another and work together.

Article Marketing Robot-Why is it so critical?

Glad you the event you haven't read my series on Google Search engine optimization Tools, please do so and you will comprehend why back links and off-page Seo is vitally important for your Search engine marketing success. Article Marketing Robot basically automates the write-up and content material submitting method. Their are well above 8000 unique article websites on the internet. As you are able to visualize, looking to manually submit to all 8000 plus sites, let alone establishing a user account with each and every one, would take half your life to accomplish!

Article Marketing Robot-Is it effortless to setup?

It is an extremely simple 3-step method. In step one, Article Marketing Robot will setup your user account with all the e-mail settings you supply. In step two, you would load your article content material into Article Marketing Robot. In Step 3, you will decide on every one of the article websites you wish to submit to and viola, your done! Article Marketing Robot will sign you up for all of the article sites and confirm the e-mail new account affirmation messages you get from every article website directory, all on auto-pilot.

You are able to sign up to more than 8000 article sites with a push of your mouse and Article Marketing Robot does the rest! I must state that in my own personal experience, out of 8000 article sites, I managed to effectively sign up to approximately 2000 of them. You won't have the ability to sign up for each of the sites as there are actually multiple variables involved, but two thousand plus is still lots!

Article Marketing Robot-How does it work?

The reason I enjoy Article Marketing Robot is really is so easy to put in place and submit thousands of content articles. All I do is copy/paste subject material from one of my blog posts, in to the 4-input fields of Article Marketing Robot. The 4-inputs are the title, summary, body along with the resource sections. Then I add my keyword phrases within the keywords and phrases input box and add my comma delimited categories and I am finished. It really is that basic! I'll then pre-view my article to ensure the hyperlinks function correctly within the resource box and hit the submit button. Article Marketing Robot also permits me to schedule when and how regularly I submit my articles. I typically set every post to go out fifty times every single 24 hour period so the SEO's like Yahoo wont assume I'm bombarding the different directories.

Article Marketing Robot-What occurs right after I submit my content?

One you hit the submit button, Article Marketing Robot goes to work and immediately starts posting your material to each of the article sites you signed up with. You'll be able to visually see each post that is currently being submitted and if it was submitted properly, or if it failed. From my practical experience, you can experience a 50% or higher failure rate, but bear in mind, 50% of 2000 plus websites is still a quite significant number! So now the post you originally uniquely spun inside the Best Spinner, will now be submitted by way of Article Marketing Robot to more than 1000 different websites, producing a TON of back links pointing towards your web site!

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