Microsoft released the technology preview version Office15 and beta this summer

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By Jerri Lily

Microsoft has released to a limited user community technology preview Office 15, the beta version is expected to be released this summer. The latest version of Office is likely to be named Office 2013, those users are still using Office 2007 that should upgrade to Office 2010 now.

Currently, it is known by the outside that Office 15 will be released the new features. According to the Microsoft Office Developer PJ Hoff, vice president in Microsoft Office executives blog wrote: "The current Office 15 is still in the early stages of development, I can not reveal too much content, but it will be the Office division most aspiring career."

We only know that Windows 8 will be released officially, Windows 8 is built on the new Metro interface, it will support the Tablet PC. Insiders pointed out that Office 15 will also be expected to have a part of Windows 8 Metro-style Tablet PC enhancements, but Microsoft has not confirmed this, it also did not disclose whether Office 15 will support ARM processor-based Tablet PC system on Windows 8 or not. "

The industry believes that it is useful for Apple confidentiality, and bad for Microsoft, it should be more open and provide more detailed information. Many business users are still using the global Office 2007, they are considering upgrading to new version of Office you need to know the necessary information to decide whether to continue to wait for Office 15 is now upgraded to Office 2010.

Business users' upgrade Office software program has fallen behind Microsoft releasing new version of Office programs. They always used before the upgrade evaluation tool to test a number of new file formats and file formats into the new file format features the old version, because their customers or partners are still using an earlier version of Office.

For some people, this is actually a judge with the dilemma. If you are currently using Office software has been able to meet their needs, and launched the new version also can not force them to upgrade to new features, then they will not upgrade. For some people, the stability of the software is more important.

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