Regulations of exports in the United States and Europe

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By Carlos Semana

Exports Rules are laws enacted by The legislature and by a state to make sure a free and very competitive economy.

The United States Constitution, through the Business Terms, gives Congress unique control of trade activities between the states and with international nations. These kind of rules promote totally free trade and good competition, and forbid anti-competitive business procedures. Trade legislation is strongly related to antitrust law, and is frequently known as antitrust and trade regulation law. Antitrust legislation forbids anti-competitive conduct or business structures, like price-fixing, bid-rigging, trusts as well as monopolies.

The Federal Trade Commission enforces federal customer protection laws that prohibit fraud, deception, and other illegal business practices. The Ftc also enforces federal antitrust laws that forbid anti-competitive mergers and other business procedures that reduce competition and harm customers. Trade regulation rules have the force of law. Other federal agencies that assist in trade regulation include the Department of Business and its bureau, the International Trade Administration. The DOC stimulates financial growth, jobs and technological advancement.

Federal Trade Commission

The Ftc handles issues that touch the financial life of every single American. It is the only federal organization with both consumer protection and competition jurisdiction in extensive industries of the economy. The FTC pursues vigorous and effective law enforcement; advances consumers' interests by revealing its know-how with federal and state legislatures and U.S. and global government agencies; develops policy and research tools through hearings, workshops, and conferences; and generates practical and plain-language academic plans for consumers and businesses in a worldwide marketplace with constantly changing technologies.

The hard work to unite the economies of the Americas into a person totally free trade area started at the Summit of the Americas, that was located in December 1994 in Miami, U.S.A. The Heads of State and Authorities of the thirty four democracies in the region decided to create a Free Trade Area of the America, in which investment will be gradually eliminated.

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